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Motorrad Sizing Guide

It’s essential that a motorcycling suit should fit properly. If it’s uncomfortably tight, it can affect concentration while riding, and the same goes if it’s flapping loose. Either way, it’s an irritation that will take your mind off the road, and so compromise your safety.

Jackets and trousers also have to sit right on the wearer. Sleeves and trouser legs should never ride up, because if they do, it’s not just a safety issue – it also means you’re not properly protected against the elements. That’s why the cut of all BMW Motorrad suits is specially designed for motorcycling use, and why they all feature a wealth of adjustments, expandable sections and clever details.

However, the most important factor in ensuring a glove-like fit is still making sure that you get the right size. BMW Motorrad knows that riders come in all different body shapes, and so its suits are available in a choice of over 40 different sizes. Please consult the images below for BMW Motorrad Sizing so you can order the correct products. To make larger and easier to read, click the image.